APSYS CZ, s.r.o. provides more than 10 years its customers with complex services in the area of information technologies focused on efficiently controlled logistics and production. The main product is information system SiStore for on-line logistics and manufacturing. Base of SiStore is Warehouse Management system (WMS). SiStore WMS modul with its high ergonomy and well-organised rooles allows really on-line processing of warehouse, expedition, supply chain, quality and workers by barcode or RFID mobile terminals.

Analysis, improvement of processes and lean manufacturing are integral parts of our services. The result of this is improved efficiency, a dramatic decrease in the error rate and reduction in stock in terms of smooth planning and material flow.

What we value most are satisfaction and long-term relations with our customers.


We always consider the benefits of the individual projects and solutions, especially how to:

  • increase the efficiency of processes
  • link up with the current environment in an appropriate manner
  • adapt to changes quickly
  • come up with new possibilities for development

We realise that our customers’ enterprises are under ever increasing pressure from the competition, prices and rapid changes and this is why we provide more than just software.


We focus on:

  • understanding the customer’s needs and processes
  • utilisation of long-term experience
  • finding the optimal solution
  • selection of the appropriate technology
  • quality

The quality of the solution is the most important thing for us as it creates room for long-term satisfaction of our customers.


We keep improving the process standards of our system, with the aim of:

  • minimising the demands on the customer
  • understanding the reality of the situation in the best possible way
  • ensuring the fastest possible implementation
  • operating it reliably
  • creating new possibilities

We are prepared to bear the responsibility for the result of implementation and subsequent service or comprehensive operation even in non-stop 24x7 regime.