Definition of processes and systems considering their current state. The output of greater projects is usually the target concept (template), which is comprehensively solving not only technical, but also organizational and economic aspects. Indispensable part is also the risk analysis, especially for critical processes.

Division into following phases:

  • Analysis of the current state
  • Draft of future state (product, process, people)
  • Draft of Implementation Services


Customizing the system with regard to individual requirements, needs, products and processes. The implementation follows the project management standards and is realized according to the agreed template.

Division into following phases:

  • System settings, program modifications
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Import into a productive environment
  • Go-Live, advanced support

Electronic Data Interchange

Cloud EDI or Web EDI will ensure the exchange of data with your partners (suppliers, cooperatives, customers) without the necessity your personal effort so that you would be able to focus on your own business. This taylor made service means that customer just specifies what he wants to transfer and where. We support all commonly used message formats such as VDA and Edifact EDI. Communication protocols that we use are TLS OFTP2, TCP/IP via VPN.

Systems Integration

We connect your information systems, applications and technologies into one consistent unit. Cooperating with us will bring you faster data work and efficiency across your entire organization.

Hardware and Software Supplies

Terminals, Workstations, Servers, 3rd party software…

Service & Support

Our emergency service is available in time window 9×5 and 24×7 with a guaranteed response or fix time. Emergency scenarios and disaster recovery are tested periodically.

Service range is defined by SLA and managed by service desk following ITIL standards.

Support can be provided by e-mail, phone, remote connection eventually on site.

Monitoring Center 24×7

NON-STOP supervision of your IT infrastructure can prevent or significantly reduce the time to solve the problem. The operators of the monitoring center resolve the problem immediately, usually even before the users find it out.

They monitor the status and availability of equipment, system services, system response, etc.

Outsourcing of IT Services

In the most extended mode, we provide all the operation of the entire range of IT, including related activities such as master data maintenance, consultation of processes etc. We are dealing with both operational and change requests in full range. There is an Service Level Agreement (SLA) in which is defined our responsibility for the availability of systems, IT services or whole processes.

Cloud Computing / Data Center

Secure environment for your servers, applications and systems.

Operation and support of SAP R/3, SAP S/4 HANA

Modules supported by us: SD, MM, PP, FI, BC, RFC / BAPI


Production planning

Development of tailor-made solutions where the standard is not enough.