Implementation analyses / target concept are above all defined by:

  • Creation of a process map,
  • Description of the (individual) process,
  • Description of the process context,
  • Unification of the terminology in use, mutual understanding of the problem to be dealt with,
  • Operational demands and specification of identified limitations (application, organisation, data and infrastructure) as well as relationship of environment

  • Clear definition of the customer’s targetsresponsibilities and competences to achieve them.
  • Creation of conditions for integration of evaluation tools.
  • Identification of demands for costs (resources, …) and permanently searching for ways to restrict them.
  • Formulation of ICT requirements (properties of the IS, services provided, their scope, necessary SW and HW) so that the ICT can support company processes.
  • Optimisation of the organisation structure and staff quality management.


Thanks to our experience and our specialists, we are able to draft the execution of a process analysis for you and help you formulate the optimum solution reflecting your needs and requirements for the further development of the IS.


The output of the given activities is usually a document called the target concept.





  • Customisation or system setting as the case may be
  • Programme adaptations
  • System installation
  • Integration test (testing under the customer’s conditions)
  • Training sessions for users and

training sessions for key users

training sessions for regular users

  • Preparation of documentation

preparation of user documentation

preparation of administrator documentation


  • Pilot operation – increased monitoring of functions and user support, evaluation and debugging
  • Productive start


Software development


We also have long-term experience in software development in various areas such as applications for data acquisition and data mining, applications for industrial automation, visualisation and data collection or applications for integration of information systems.

Development includes a draft of the architecture, data model, application interface, development itself, thorough testing and documentation.


Hardware deliveries


Our deliveries are based on proven technologies and brands which guarantee not only high performance but also operational reliability. Motorola products in the field of mobile terminals, Hewlett Packard in the field of server systems and computers, Zebra and Toshiba thermal transfer printers and a Microsoft operating environment.



System integration


The target is better interlinked solutions on the level of the system, process, human resources and business partners. In such an integrated environment you can obtain more advantages in the field of cooperation, process measurability, automated control and many other areas. This enables you to work in a more much more efficient way and you will also gain access to information which is required for quick operation control and making the right decisions.



Overall system supports particularly includes

  • system update
  • HelpDesk services
  • guaranteed response time
  • remote or onsite solution of incidents
  • administration
  • monitoring and 24x7 monitoring centre with immediate link to the service processes


provides trouble-free operation even under demanding conditions of continuous operations.